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Found Mr. Wouters a few months aback, but had kind of put him to the back of my mind and upon seeing his work again the other day I just thought, ‘ WOW, I need to make a note of this guy.’ So here he is, in all his glory stood in front of an typographic installation titled ‘HOME’. He’s recently released a book of work a combination of personal projects combined with some really great client work. It’s really encouraging to see that contemporary typographers are employed across so many sectors these days. The really great thing about Wouter’s is his medium, Gouache paint. Its properties (as you can see above) give the paint a opaque quality, this can be most notably seen when elements overlap, helping to give the letters a greater tonal range. Already saving up for the book (below), not sure if I’ll be able to save enough for some of his designer ware (also below), a guy can always dream.







medical book 1 pg.1 copy

So a week or two back they had a book sale in the Library at Uni’, all books we’re 50p! I thought I can’t let a good deal pass me by, so I picked up a couple of books, some strange (this post) others helpful (subsequent post(s)). This particular publication appears to of been printed in the late 80’s or 90’s, titled ‘Medical Book 1 it was published by Telegraph Colour Library. Its effectively a stock image book only about 20pp long, still got some great imagery, well for my taste anyway. I’m fascinated by all things small and magnified as well as the intricate patterns which are found in and around us. Like the image above is section of Cholesterol Crystals magnified 4x, yet the colours and textural feel is visually really enticing. Some other snippets I liked in the book below.

. . . . . . . . . .  medical book 1 pg.3 copy    medical book 1 cover . . . . . . . . .

medical book 1 pg.10 copy

medical book 1 pg.4 copy 2

medical book 1 pg.7 copy


A classmate mentioned this Channel 4 ident as an area for research for my current project. Trying to explore the idea of interacting with type and creating a greater sense of ambiguity towards what a word might be. So this week I’m hoping to get to a scrap yard to get some footage of the word ‘Champion’.


Champion |ˈtʃampɪən|

adjective [ predic. ] Brit. informal

Someone who commits an act of the following: extreme courage, extreme awesomeness, or extreme stupidity; one who is worthy of positive recognition for such an act.

Champion Definition

I’m hoping to able to semi-construct something on site, but I need to have an idea before hand of what I’m going to produce. I’m sure you can imagine just like me, the typical scrap yard owner won’t have much time for graphics student, especially if I’m faffing around. I think in terms of font style aim for something simple, as that’ll be hard enough to construct anyway. It’ll be the way in which I film/photograph it that’ll really make it, harping back to the simplicity of the Channel 4 ident above.


I’m currently working on a project, which is running along side the project outlined in my previous post. It’s been ongoing for months now and while continue after I’ve finished Uni, but sadly I cant divulge too much information right now. The project is kind of top secret as I’m applying for more and have applied (and was successful!) for a design registration(s) for this typographic project. Anyone reading this is probably totally baffled and to be fair I would be too. However  within the next few months I’ll be able to explain a little better once I’ve got the design registration (a form of copyright) for the Gill Sans font. I got the letters laser cut from 3mm MDF, and so to create the depth I wanted I needed to stick them together. These are pictures of me constructing the letters in the workshop at Uni – messy stuff.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499


Accents and colloquialisms are something which are prevalent in all regions of the UK from Geordie to Brummie, Cockney to Manc. An element of our personalities which divides the snooty and snobbish from the common and coarse. Theres always someone curious of where I’m from, ‘What’s your accent?‘ and when using a regional phrase its often proceeded by, ‘Oh I’ve not heard that before, what does that mean?’. This current body of work for my end of year project focuses on northern (Yorkshire/Lancashire) colloquialisms and the placement of certain phrases and words that reflect the mood and atmosphere of a northern past time. This is my first experiment;


Chuffed  |tʃʌft|

adjective [ predic. ] Brit. informal

very pleased: I’m dead chuffed to have won.

ORIGIN 1950s: from dialect chuff ‘plump or pleased’.

exploring the usage of the phrase ‘I’m dead chuffed to have won.’ in a scenario which is associated as a northern past time – gambling. I’m continuing to investigate this coming week, different areas where type and place can be combined to create a strong sense of atmosphere in a northern context e.g Pie factory, 70’s Pub, greasy spoon cafe and so on.

DSC_0052 DSC_0044


Just goes to show that not all work is tedious and mundane, work is certainly what you make of it. The work undertaken by Lotto Lab founder and all round great guy Beau Lotto has realised that I was right, playing and having fun with your work is something which is something that us creatives, whether in the fields of Science or Art & Design should do as often as possible. Seeing work as play and vis versa allows us ‘to ask the really big questions, the ones that create the most uncertainty’ because effectively playing uses unadulterated imagination, freedom and allows us to challenge or perceptions.