Monthly Archives: August 2013


Whilst I was briefly back in the tranquil north I managed to get my hands on some of my Dad’s jewellery boxes. He has a strange, some what obsessive tendency to keep all his old jewellery boxes and merely uses them to display his antique stock. I suppose they give an element of charm to the jewellery and put it into context. Anyway, I immediately noted the ornate typography which had been used to line the boxes. Each one had its own store name (often a family name preceded by ‘& Son’s’ or the like) along with address and occupation ‘Watchmaker & Jeweller’. A particular favourite is unsurprisingly Howell’s (below) which is our family jewellers. The box dates back to the 20’s and is in pretty good ware considering. I can kind of see now why he’s so reluctant to let them go, commenting ‘Well if they want the box, they’ll have to pay’ and I can see, there little gems of history each one having housed hundreds of cherished moments.





As always a really engaging talk from TED. This time exploring the potential for future airplane construction. The highlight for me is the potential for large bay and ceiling windows which sure will prevent any confrontations between who gets the window seat.

‘Designer Bastian Schaefer shows off a speculative design for the future of jet planes, with a skeleton inspired by strong, flexible, natural forms and by the needs of the world’s, ahem, growing population. Imagine an airplane that’s full of light and space — and built up from generative parts in a 3D printer.’