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This great compilation of BBC 2 idents illustrates the world famous BBC 2 channel’s motif shall we say, the short clip which precedes each televised show. Just watching this collection of clips from 1991 to 2001 brings back so many memories and emotions, similar to one Youtube comment

“I keep thinking Red Dwarf is about to start when I see the idents in the first few minutes of this compilation…”       – Ashworth6

and its true. With each ident I get the immediate sense of nostaligia, a feeling that I’m reliving that same moment 15 years ago just before an episode of ‘Star Trek’ or ‘The Simpsons’ (back when The Simpsons was on BBC 2 and not Channel 4). Its rather strange though, say if I heard a song from the same period, even a song which I’d liked, it doesn’t quite seem to have the same impact. I wonder if this is because of the associations I have with the clips as opposed to the songs, ones of watching tele with ma n pa or wether it comes down to a simpler, more basic response. Possibly created by the make-up of my brain, which is able to have a greater baring on my emotions because its a visual recollection as opposed to an audible? Therefore enabling me to have a ‘minds eye’ moment far easier as my vision is stimulated through the idents themselves. I wonder if the same principle could be placed upon other sensual recollections, smell, taste even touching something which creates a feeling of nostalgia, maybe an area to investigate.

Anyway, I think there great references and I always think “Oh look channel X has changed its ident” knowing each designer/design team is trying to better the last.