Monthly Archives: February 2012

Last term we were set a project involving the use of the Library’s Special Collection. The aim was to find a author/artist who’s last name had the same first letter as the students, i.e Howell, therefore mine was ‘H’. Once a suitable book was found each student had a write a ‘rant’ about about the author’s book on the back of a postcard. People submitted these throughout the term and this past week myself and Adam have been setting up an exhibition profiling the overall winner and runners up from the competition. The whole process has been a great experience in terms of getting to grips with setting up an exhibition, all be it a small one. Many thanks to Leo for his help and I look forward to setting up similar exhibitions in the future.

                                                                          Photos – AH



As well as me signing up to both Eye and the Typographic Circle ( I felt as though my photography skills could do with some improving. So after doing some research into various weekend photography courses I spotted the Mango Lab ( The intermediate course they offer rings true with my skill level and so today I’ve been for my first session.

I was quite surprised to only see 2 other people on the course, but this certainly didn’t reflect the quality of the course itself. In the first session we’ve mainly recapped on IOS settings, aperture, exposure, light metering and all that jazz. A little but boring but necessary, next week where working in a studio and experimenting with lighting.

I subscribed to Eye magazine today. There effectively a Graphic Design review magazine, scaling all forms of graphics from Illustration to Photography. Paul had mentioned that I look at more examples of page layout, and said magazines where they forward. So I took his advice and went to the Library at Uni and had a look at some copies of Eye in the periodicals, and found it so useful I’ve decided to go right ahead and subscribe. They have a student membership which has been really helpful in saving some moneys. Highly recommend!