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Projects Watch (Will-Harris) - Past, Present, Future - Steel (33mm)


Through all the ‘liked’ pages on Facebook I seem to have accumulated I noticed this really quirky watch design. Personally I don’t wear a watch, which some people namely my girlfriend simply can’t live without out even though she’ll probably contest that now I’ve written it. This is rather strange considering in my family for the past 3 generations jewels and time pieces have been all that we’ve known. So even though I choose not wear one I’d like to think I know my watches, and this one by Project Watches, Past, Present, Future is glaringly simplistic. Yet for me there’s something about the obvious nature in the faces design which reduces the actual need or even ability to read the time and consider more the ultimate relevance of time itself. Instead of thinking oh blimey what time is, I’m late! you can now ponder well in five minutes, I’ll be in the future and thus 25 minutes late and the present will be lost to the past – simply hours of pondering and retrospective thought (fun, fun) awaits anyone who reciprocates the love for Projects watch.



Isn’t it strange when your merely trawling and you happen to stumble on something thats clearly going to be a tend, or maybe already is and your merely not trendy enough to have got on the band wagon yet. Well Jonty Huwitz work got my juices flowing as soon as I saw his ‘anamorphic sculptures’


// a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens.

• the process by which such images are produced.

Jonty Hurwitz Sculpture 1

Jonty Hurwitz Sculpture 2

Someone who sees that theres no need to be specific when it comes art & design, theres no clear, clean cut between any medium or subject. I find it fascinating how these two areas can not only work in a traditional sense such as in architecture, where a strong grasp of physics and maths are key to keep those ‘scrappers in the sky; but in new and innovative ways which combine the creative world with fundamental.

Bruce Mozert Model

Bruce Mozert sure did take some wacky pics, not including the ones that were taken underwater. Back in 50’s Mozert moved to New York and took his underwater camera (hand made casing, below) to Hollywood and started taking snaps of all these glamour models doing weird and wonderful things under the sea. Soon he was being hired out by Ad agencies and other editorial producers whenever they wanted a cover image with the ‘WOW’ factor. I saw his work through ‘It’s Nice That’ (great design website) and just felt the need to share a keep a virtual note. Just thinking about it they remind me of Tony Hill’s film Water Work which uses a similar principle of altering the viewers perception of the subject being under water and what effect this has on the image.

Bruce Mozert Car

Bruce Mozert HurdleBruce Mozert Underwarter Camera