Monthly Archives: December 2013


Well I can’t let Christmas fly by without making an attempt at a semi-festive post. If you’ve not already heard of Bompas & Parr then you should check them out here, they’ve done some pretty amazing things with all sorts of food and drink, most notably their wacky and crazy explorations with jelly.

‘Bompas & Parr lead in flavour based experience design, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design.’ They often describe themselves as the ‘jelly mongers’ stemmed from their fascination with the wobbly stuff.

In typical Bompas & Parr style they’ve gone all out in their most recent venture, constructing a huge, edible ginger bread mansion for Selfridges Christmas window display (my attempt to post about at least one thing festive is now evident). Heres their making of video. Bam!