Monthly Archives: November 2012

As a favour to a good friend I recently offered to design the publication poster for the production of ‘Ekaterinburg‘. The theatre production is based around the final days of the Romanov sisters who were the final heiress’ to the Russian throne, after their father Tsar Nicholas II. OTMA as they are abbreviated to, formally know as, Ольга – Olga Nikolaevna RomanovaТатьяна – Tatiana Nikolaevna RomanovaМария – Maria Nikolaevna RomanovaАнастасия – Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova. The sisters were entwined in the period of the Russian Revolution which came too its climax in 1917, shortly after which the sisters were shot at Yekaterinburg by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

I’d studied the Russian Empire at A-Level so it was nice to return to the subject area and almost pay homage to such a turbulent time in Russia’s history. Below are some of my initial ideas, and finally the one the production team chose.

Finally using this image I came up with the clients poster.