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HERE all InDesignA type experiment I was working with for my Collections project (whilst I was still in my ‘transient’ stage)


Our most recent project at Uni has been surrounding the idea of ‘Cataloguing a Collection’. The aim has been to explore all means of what I collection could be, and seeing just how far you can go to collect the item which will inform the end product which is to be publication (any format). To expand on this for example how would you go about collecting , then visualising the weather for example or collecting moments of divine intervention. You say well those are all nigh on impossible to collect let alone portray in a publication (book, magazine, newspaper, e-journal etc.) but where theres a will theres a way, and if one road leads to a dimly lit cul-de-sac then try taking a step back and viewing from another angle – all very conceptual I guess.

My initial idea was particles, and collecting them scientifically, this proved a lot harder than I thought, but looking back theres so many other creative avenues I could of taken it and not taken it so literally but I digress. This lead on to transiency and the idea that all particles, whether solid, liquid of gas are all impermanent and ultimately transient. However, once again this subject area became a little to elusive and so here I’am, now working on collecting tiny type. Heres a image of some salt I’ve been playing with today, everyone loves teeny weeny things.




Simon Faithfull’s work focuses around the idea of flying and leaving this humble planet that we call home. Escape Vehicle no.6, is just one in a series of experiments that he has been working on since he was a young boy, constantly perfecting his means by which one could leave Earth. I liked the simplicity of the idea and the humour which is more of biproduct, I mean putting a chair into space is pretty ridiculous. Here’s what he had to say about the piece.

“The sound of static is ritualistically punctuated by a bell-tolling noise (which is actually sending back a GPS signal) as the chair twitches vulnerably in an environment where there’s no oxygen and the temperature is minus 60 degrees. Suddenly there’s a violent spasm and a leg hurtles off into the void.

“At that point, the pressure has burst the balloon off camera,” Faithfull says, “and the chair is actually falling. Only you can’t tell because there are no reference points.” While captivating at its most basic, physical level, Faithfull’s work also speaks of the futility of human attempts to escape “the trivial, the mundane and the self”. And also of the beauty in the soul’s constant attempts to soar beyond “the forces of everyday reality”.

I enjoy collecting posters and prints, posters of all forms of advertising and promotion as well as unique limited edition prints. I’ve only this week had time to start up again framing at Uni’ in the Framing workshop, its been great revisiting the workshop, its a real therapeutic process. The biggest benefit at the end of all it all is having that satisfying feeling of saying ‘brill, I’ve just done all of that’. I think it’s a great way of giving the prints the recognition they diserve, seen as I only collect pre 80’s posters/prints, it gives them a new lease of life. Heres some images of a Heinz Beans poster from an old supermarket dated roughly 1960 and a small print titled ‘The Bombay Co. Ltd’ depicting a detractive (spice) cabinet, I particularly like the small detail of the hand as the handle to the cabinet.











Founds this pretty humorous, I suppose its a stroke of luck that these particular letters have gone out in the order that they have. But seen as they have its interesting the new life, the new meaning of that brand or company, maybe even mocking the purpose of advertising. How a brands connotation(s) can be changed so easily through the transformation of its spelling and what its new meaning conjures in the viewers/consumers mind.

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‘The Three Stooges’ you may be asking is a rather peculiar name for a video, and I would probably have to agree, but this was a rather odd project to begin with.

Max Hattler is a visiting lecturer who returns to the Graphics course at Chelsea each year to set a brief which incorporates the use of both animation and a corresponding soundtrack. Unlike most other forms of animation the sonic element is mirrored by the movements, transitions and any other form of visual alteration (hopefully as our video demonstrates). Over the period of the project we had to create our own soundtrack produced solely from analogue processes e.g pinging elastic bands, network disturbance from a mobile and so on. The imagery then was created and aligned with the soundtrack in After Effects, thanks here to Tobias and Tabrez for their technical skills, I would of been lost without them.  We worked in a small group of three, Tobias, Tabrez and myself and thus the imaginative name originated – ‘The Three Stooges’.  Thanks to Max Hattler for his time and dedication throughout the project.