UPDATE: The exhibition has been profiled by UAL.

Derek Jarman (31 January 1942 – 19 February 1994) was an English film director, stage designer, diarist, artist, gardener and author. His final film and script ‘Blue’ is currently showing at the CHELSEA Space gallery, London.

Donald Smith, head curator of the gallery asked me to categorise and tweak the images from the two books which make up a large part of the body of the work for the exhibition. Heres a little excerpt from the Tate website about his work, and ‘Blue’.

‘The relationship between film and painting continued to be central to Jarman’s work; the non-narrative flow of imagery and improvisatory collage-like quality of his films was more suggestive of a painterly than a cinematic sensibility.

Jarman was diagnosed as HIV-positive in December 1986. His last set of paintings were highly coloured works in which a word or slogan was daubed across an effusively scraped and splattered ground, again dealing with aspects of his illness. The violence and anger of these paintings contrasts with the serenity of his final film, Blue (1994). Made when he was virtually blind, it consisted solely of a monochrome blue screen, with a soundtrack of voice and music.’




This post has been a few weeks in the making, well the content has been even longer. As well as all the fun, fun, fun of designing on our course there is an academic side, which is completed in the form of a dissertation. This can be written on any topic, readers can find out a little more about Me, Myself and A.I on the dissertation section of this blog. However, I’m hoping many can guess from the title of the post the nature of the work. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing about A.I and the future of robotics, it’s such a fascinating topic, if I may say so myself. As highlighted in the introduction, it’s not a case of if the robots will come but when.

Very briefly the work assess how we as humans are fascinated by technology and the personification of our machines. Through this proposing that both the inanimate and animate worlds are seen as being connected in some way which goes someway to ascertaining why we have this relationship with technology, especially robots. Ultimately the work debates the likelihood of a conscious robot, along the way discovering a lot about what it is to be humanly conscious and what it means to be a sentient being.


Full copy of disseration here – FINAL

A small side project to design a book cover for Mardibooks for a new e-book their publishing. The title is ‘The Clock Struck War’, so I’ve been playing around with those little toy green (& yellow) army men, in an attempt to create letter forms. This idea was inspired by Oliver Munday’s similar project. Heres a few snaps of what I’ve been doing, heading to the photo studio to photograph it properly, so more to come and fingers crossed may even win the brief. Enjoy.





TheClockStruckWar Green Soldier